Struggling with Headaches in Colorado Springs?

try chiropractic care for headache and migraine relief

Few conditions are so commonplace, and yet at the same time so debilitating, as headaches. For millions of Americans, headache pain is a familiar reality - and many of these individuals suffer from chronic tension headaches and/or migraine headaches. Musculoskeletal alignment issues often play a major role in this type of chronic pain, which means that you may be able to achieve lasting relief through cervical spinal adjustments and other natural, drug-free headache treatments in Colorado Springs.

The Musculoskeletal Causes of Headaches in Colorado Springs

Approximately one out of six Americans are plagued by headache symptoms every year. As many as nine-tenths of these headaches are what we call tension headaches, which live up to their name through their association with muscle tension in and around the neck. When muscles in this area are constantly tight and tense, they go into spasm. Unfortunately, some of these muscles are attached to very sensitive tissues which are capable of referring pain signals to the head. For instance, the RCPM muscle may end up tugging on a membrane called the dura mater where the neck meets the skull, producing headaches as a result.

While emotional stress may cause the neck muscles to tense up, a misalignment between the neck and head can also keep the muscles in a constant state of strain and tension. Even a small imbalance in the cervical spine can alter the head’s weight distribution on the neck tissues. Acute injuries (especially whiplash), postural problems, and degenerative spinal conditions can all stress the neck and create headaches. An emotional and physical strain is also a known trigger of migraines. These particularly brutal headaches, which stem from chemical imbalances that inflame cranial blood vessels, are also triggered by everything from hormonal shifts and environmental changes to particular foods.

Natural Solutions at Adams Chiropractic Clinic

Our Colorado Springs chiropractor, Dr. Todd Adams, can help you achieve more lasting relief than the temporary respite provided by medication. Precisely-targeted cervical spinal adjustments can correct the relationship between head and neck, taking the strain off of your muscles. Cervical adjustments can also reduce the intensity of your migraine headaches while reducing their frequency.

Spinal adjustments from our Colorado Springs chiropractor work well alongside other natural treatments. Massage therapy can relax and loosen the neck muscles, preventing both tension headaches and migraines. Nutritional and lifestyle counseling can help you enjoy a less stressful life and identify the specific migraine triggers you need to avoid. Last but not least, periodic spinal screenings can help our Colorado Springs chiropractor catch cervical misalignment issues that might lead to future headaches without corrective treatment.

Choose the Chiropractor Colorado Springs Trusts for Headache Relief

If you’re ready to deal with your chronic headache issues once and for all by stopping them at the source, choose the chiropractor Colorado Springs trusted for natural, non-pharmaceutical headache relief. Call today to schedule a consultation at Adams Chiropractic Clinic!


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